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Tesla CEO: Elon Musk reveals updates on Neuralink

Updated: May 11, 2020

Elon Musk was on the Joe Rogan podcast again to discuss the status of his neurotechnology company Neuralink. Musk revealed more details and gave rough timetable on when the first Neuralink products would become available.

If you have not heard about Neuralink in the past prepare yourself. None of the below is SCI-FI movie in production but real products that Musk claims will roll out over the next 2-15 years in stages.

I first became interested in Neuralink while I was working with the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 in developing real world applications for use. One of the engineers advised that I should try to find any press releases or white papers on Neural based artificial intelligence programs. Elon Musk rolled out the first Neuralink video press releases in 2019. What caught my attention was Musk's claim that later releases of Neuralink will be cognitive- intelligence enhancements where a user will be able to connect via a bluetooth device inserted in your skull with small electrode wires attached to your brain to the Neuralink network. Neuralink would then upload intelligence/knowledge libraries to your brain for a fee. Ready to sign up?

Good news: On the Joe Rogan podcast Musk gives a little more details about the surgical process which would entail a small 1inch by 1inch removal of your skull with robots inserting electrodes wires and the Neuralink device attached to your brain.

Bad news: The 1inch by 1inch device would only be for Neuralink customers who a medical enhancement procedure. For example: help restore vision in certain people. For the Intelligence data transfer it would require removing the top of your skull and more evasive procedure with electrodes being inserted in large parts of your brain. I don't believe I want to be part of that human beta test. I will wait for v.5.

Musk does provide some unintended humor in the podcast. When Rogan asks about cost of Neuralink, Musk does'nt have cost model yet but does give the similar response that he gives about Tesla's Robo Taxi FSD: paraphrase - "People will be able to take out loans for Neuralink since their intelligence will enable them to get high paying jobs/work". I would sign up for Quantum Mechanics PHD program transfer. No word yet, that if you cancel your Neuralink subscription they will zap your brain and take away your new Quantum Mechanics library that is inserted in your brain. Tesla has been doing something similar for Free supercharging on older model Tesla's that have been resold.

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