• Christian Catalano

Kettlebell Best Exercise Equipment during Coronavirus shutdown

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Joe Rogan can't stop talking about KettleBells. Rogan has been around some of the top athletes in the world for over a decade in the UFC including Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, and Conor Mcgregor. Rogan has stated on his podcasts that the Kettlebell is the single best exercise equipment you can own. Kettlebell will help flatten your stomach, increase your arm strength and tighten your rear. Recommended sizes for women: 10/15 lbs

men: 25/35 lbs.

Incorporate the Kettlebell to tone your abs and chest with traditional squat, kettlebell swing, and overhead exercises. Begin Mining and Download the new Cryptocurrency BitcoinHealth coin wallet now from GITHUB for Windows and MAC at:

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